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Our window and cladding cleaning service is ideal to keep your building looking on-point from the outside. This is a specialist type of cleaning to restore the appearance and shine to the building key to commercial and retail buildings.

After doing an initial assessment we’ll choose the most effective way of performing the clean both in terms of equipment and man-hours but also the methods and cleaning agents used. For the windows we typically use our water-fed pole system and purified water to mimic the power of nature in rainwater without any additional chemicals.

For harder to clean areas and cladding we may employ some mild chemicals in conjunction with our purified water-fed pole system. We may also use a Jet wash for more stubborn grime and dirt. In this case we always clean a small surface areas first as an initial test to ensure a clean and consistent finish throughout.

As part of the service we will organise any equipment such as scaffolding, scissors lifts, etc.
Our cladding cleaning service will help protect the building from corrosion and staining by using mild detergents and purified water. Please note that each type of cladding is different and it’s important therefore that we can come out to see the cladding first hand to assess the best cleaning strategy for your building.

Schedule a free no-obligation visit from us to assess your window and cladding cleaning requirement’s and give you a competitive quote.

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