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Cleaning for Healthcare and Medical Practices

LNT Commercial Cleaning offers regular scheduled cleaning and specialised deep cleaning services for Healthcare practitioners, alternative health clinics, dentists, veterinary practices, wellness clinics, medical centres and hospitals.

We understand that reliable deep cleaning services are crucial to minimise the spread of pathogens and to keep your staff, the community and customers safe. We provide conscientious methodical cleaning schedules for the medical and primary care providers by using safety protocols that ensure the space is thoroughly cleansed, surfaces disinfected and sterilise the rooms using anti-viral fogging technology.

A dedicated contract manager will conduct regular inspections and audits to ensure high standards are maintained. We’re able to offer a whole range of additional services for your convenience for a 360 fully managed cleaning experience by supplying consumables, refills, dispensers and ppe.

We work towards supporting you in the Care Quality Commission Standards (CQC)

1.Are you a safe healtcare provider?

Using commercial healthcare cleaning services is much safer than trying to handle this in-house. Due to the economy of scale we can allocate more resource and regularly inspect and audit to ensure high standards are maintained. By having a team of cleaners we are able to ensure backup for higher safety so that important scheduled cleans are executed at the right time. Our processes use quality chemicals, equipment and trained staff to perform the job in a safe and effective manner.

2.Are you an effective primary care provider?

Outsourcing your medical cleaning services to a dedicated commercial cleaning agency is a very smart and effective move. It frees your staff up to focus on what matters most whilst you can delegate the cleaning duties to us. Regular site audits, visits and inspections will ensure we’re closely aligned with your requirements and keeping a finger on the pulse at all times. Should any emerging challenges arise we’re quick to react and deliver a workable solution.

3.Are you a caring medical care provider?

Second to your customer service and actual service delivery nothing says you care better than a well maintained clean and well organised practice. By regularly deep cleaning and sanitising the clinic you are showing care towards your patients and staff. We have dedicated ad-hoc services that we can use to ensure your medical centre looks pristine. It’s proven that a clean hygienic pleasant working environment improves job satisfaction which in turn reflects positively on your patients.

4.Is your clinic responsive to people’s needs?

By regularly auditing the site we can spot and take care of ad-hoc cleaning services such as pressure washing the entrance or car-park area to make accessibility easier and reduce hazards. As an outsourced cleaning service partner we are extremely agile and responsive to change. You can talk directly to the dedicated contract manager who will implement your new requirements and ensure all staff are trained to reflect the updated procedures or additional requirements. By not having to personally manage staff to perform your cleaning services you can be more focused on being responsive to people’s needs by delegating to us, your cleaning side-kicks.

5.Is your health care centre well-led

One of the hallmarks of a well-led business is to have clearly assigned duties for each member of staff. It’s also important to make everyone feel they are part of a team and something bigger. As part of a well-led practice vision it makes sense to have a dedicated cleaning service to take that burden away from staff. You’ll receive regular site visits and have direct access to a dedicated contract manager who is there to help and support you with your healthcare cleaning needs. Outsourcing the cleaning removes one hurdle, giving you better focus to manage and direct your team and support and empower them to be the best they can. We want to be your reliable cleaning services and add a sparkle to your primary care practice.

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LNT Commercial Cleaning Copyright 2020 (All rights reserved) | Design by F9 Marketing