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LNT Commercial Cleaning Agency FAQ

What makes LNT Commercial Cleaning a better service?

There’s a lot of reasons that our clients choose us and stay with us. They know they can trust and rely on us and that’s very important in this day and age. We also build strong relationships and strive to deliver on our 10-point quality and reliability promise.

Guarantee of a 100% fulfilment rate

Completely managed cleaning service

Regular quality audits and reporting

Bespoke cleaning schedules & services

One-stop commercial cleaning agency

Fully Trained dedicated local teams

Flexible and adaptable to emerging needs

Great Value for money cleaning services

Antiviral fogging services for safety assurance

Fully Public & Professional insured

What makes LNT Commercial Cleaning a better service?

We’re a 360° cleaning services provider which means it’s a complete and managed service. We’ll assess, inspect, audit and report making constant and never ending improvements to ensure a reliable and quality service. We supply bin bags, chemicals, washroom supplies and refills, including dispensers, and make sure they are regularly topped up. Most importantly we guarantee a 100% fulfilment rate which to us is a matter of principle and integrity as much as it is a hallmark of value and quality.

How flexible and adaptable is your cleaning service?

No business is too small or too big for us. We can grow as your business does and by offering a wide range of cleaning services we’ll be able to satisfy all your cleaning needs under our 10-point quality and reliability promise. We can adapt to changes in schedule, emerging needs and staff shortages or other eventualities.

Let us create a really bespoke service just for you, that has everything you need. Per example a regular bespoke cleaning services which ensures a quality daily clean, quarterly window and cladding cleans, six monthly deep cleans, 4 monthly carpet and upholstery cleans. Then we can either make that into one regular subscription service and spread out the cost or have your regular bespoke service, and ad-hoc specialised cleaning services at key points.

Do you regularly train and upskill your staff?

Yes we do regular training updates and coach our staff to ensure the high standards our customers have come to expect from us are maintained. All staff are trained on company procedures, equipment, operational, safety and legal compliance procedures. Our staff work within a cv19, HSE, COSHH and legal compliant framework.

Will you regularly audit and report to us?

Yes, we audit weekly something we own and take full responsibility for. We see this as a valuable communication tool to give staff timely feedback. You’ll receive the audit report by email and necessary feedback is passed on to our staff. Through our regular site visits we always have a finger on the pulse to make sure our cleaning is on-point.

Can you manage all washroom cleaning supplies?

Yes, we do this as part of our 360 managed cleaning services for a hands-free approach. We’ll provider dispensers, loo rolls, tissues, refills, consumables, ppe, etc and makes sure adequate stock levels and regular fills as part of the schedule. This way you can focus on your income generating tasks and let us get busy adding a sparkle to your business.

Please Explain your 100% fulfilment rate guarantee

This means that you get the value you’re paying for. So if per example we’ve agreed upon a 7-day service consisting of 2 shifts per day of 2 hours each (14 visits total 28hrs/pw), we guarantee you’ll receive all of those 14 visits and hours in accordance with the schedule.

What does a Completely managed cleaning service mean?

The LNT Commercial Cleaning team will take care of all your cleaning needs by creating a bespoke schedule for you, train and supply local staff, provide all cleaning equipment and supplies, allocate a contract manager, conduct regular site visits and audits, report back to you and our staff, react to any emerging requirements, provide all additional ad-hoc cleaning services your business needs (windows, deep clean, cladding, upholstery, anti-viral fogging, etc). We adequately stock, supply and manage all your washroom items such as loo rolls, paper tissues, ppe, hand soap, sanitisers and creams, including dispensers, to ensure your business is spick and span and cleaned, stocked and maintained like clockwork.

What’s the benefit of bespoke cleaning schedules & services?

It ensures all areas are kept clean and sparkling without missing important parts of the business. By carefully planning and mapping out the schedule we have a cleaning system that is specifically designed to fit hand-in-glove with your business. As the business requirements change we can simply update and improve the schedule to reflect those changes. Our clients love it when we expand that daily schedule to include their quarterly, bi-annual and annual cleaning services as well as supplying all washroom dispensers and refills, for complete peace of mind.

What is a One-stop commercial cleaning agency?

It means all commercial cleaning services can be provided by us. Regular cleaning, deep cleaning, sparkle cleaning, commercial cleaning, steam cleaning, builders clean, jet washes, window cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, hard floor cleaning, anti-viral fogging, ad-hoc emergency cleaning, cleaning chemicals, supplies, ppe, washroom and janitorial services and refills all delivered through us as your trusted provider.

What do you mean by locally trained staff?

LNT Commercial Cleaning works to source, train and develop locally trained staff for all cleaning projects to ensure a reliable service, whilst supporting the local community.

Is the Antiviral fogging services an add-on service?

You can order it as an ad-hoc service but most customers prefer to add the antiviral fogging services to the schedule to improve the safety of their staff and customers.

What level of Public & Professional insurance cover do you have?

We are covered up to 10million for both our Public and Professional insurance. If you’re a larger business requiring a higher amount this is something that can be discussed

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