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What is Sparkle Cleaning?

We love adding a sparkle to your business and as the name implies that’s exactly what our Sparkle Cleaning service does. A Sparkle Clean is a special concentrated type of clean that gives attention to all areas for a 360 degree clean. It includes, floor, ceilings, windows, fixtures and fittings. By restoring the brilliance and shine of the premises you really achieve that very special first impression that makes someone go: Wow!

Who is the Sparkle Clean for?

A sparkle clean is great for office buildings, retail outlets, end-of-tenancy cleans, property and building cleans, showrooms, HORECA and any other hospitality businesses and retail or commercial areas where you want to make a top first impression.

We often recommend making this the first clean at the start of a contract to ensure a great start by elevating the standard of cleanliness.

How can I book a Sparkle Clean?

You can contact LNT Commercial Cleaning by calling us, through WhatsApp or by submitting a booking form using the following link.

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LNT Commercial Cleaning Copyright 2020 (All rights reserved) | Design by F9 Marketing