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Cleaning for Gyms and Studios

Keeping your Gym or Studio in a brilliant condition is especially important nowadays. Gyms and studios are places where members come to relax and destress from their day-to-day grind. Keeping it looking, feeling and smelling fresh can be a challenge in such a highly dynamic setting with high throughput. 

One key area to stay on top of are the changing rooms, toilet and shower rooms. Members have come to expect high level standards and nowhere is this better reflected than there.

We have a bespoke schedule and processes to help you meet your operational requirements and keeping the place looking fresh, shiny and zen so your members have an outstanding experience. One little extra we like to offer is to steam clean the shower rooms and drain holes weekly to keep a good flow and avoid soiled water from flowing back up. From experience this is where Gyms often loose members who only need one of such bad experiences to pick up sticks and leave.

A well-planned Gym Cleaning Schedule Ensures Success

We’ll perform regular cleans once or twice a day or throughout the day depending on the requirements to ensure you’re facilities look their best at all times. This is always planned with the peak times and days in mind. As a full 360 managed cleaning service we can work out a 12 month schedule that includes, windows, cladding, carpets and regular cleans for a first class member experience.

Fitness Equipment Cleaning Schedules

As part of the schedule we’ll do a set number of machines every day so that over the course of the weeks every machine is thoroughly cleaned at least once a week. In conjunction with your team we can routinely remove covers and vacuum the cardio equipment to avoid the accumulation of dust which poses a fire hazard.

We can supply and top up your Gym consumables

To free up your time we have the ability to provide the required cleaning products, hand soaps and sanitiser sand and other key consumables such as toilet paper to keep the place fully stocked. At each visit we always inspect soap, paper, sanitiser, wipes and blue tissue levels and refill where required. We provide dispensers and replacements for any of the above.

You’ll get regular visits, audits and touch-point from our contract manager to speak to your staff and Gym manager to calibrated the services for optimal success. As your outsourced cleaning providers we are very flexible and agile, quickly reacting to emerging needs and changes.

Safe onsite cleaning for Gyms

Having a regular dedicated cleaner in your Gym or Studio provides assurance and safety particularly for 24/7 operators. Our staff will be trained and inducted into your safety protocols and procedures and our in-house ppe, hse and cosh processes. All staff are therefore trained, and we’re fully insured for professional and public liability.

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LNT Commercial Cleaning Copyright 2020 (All rights reserved) | Design by F9 Marketing