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Our Carpet Cleaning services are designed to give your carpets and rugs a new lease of life by removing dirt, allergens and stains. We use vacuuming and hot water extraction with a special mild chemical that will shampoo the carpet and suction the water away. Carpets and rugs professionally cleaned by us typically dry within a few hours as our high end carpet cleaning equipment features high suction power to extract maximum moisture.

We use hot water soil extraction which consists of spraying a mix of heated water and detergent unto the carpet simultaneously. This penetrates deep into the fabric to dislodge and wash the fibres. The mixture is extracted taking with it dislodged particulars of dirt.

Before we start we will give the room a thorough vacuum first and pre-treat any problem areas for best results. If there’s an odour problem we may also steam treat the carpet as well as cleaning it to permanently and effective eliminate any persistent odours.

We love restoring that glow and freshness to your carpets and rugs. You can request your quotation through here.

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LNT Commercial Cleaning Copyright 2020 (All rights reserved) | Design by F9 Marketing