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High rise cleaning is typically used for cleaning the exterior of the building using cleaning platforms, scissors lifts also known as cherry pickers or water fed pole systems. Keeping the exterior of the building clean is important to maintain a good appearance, retain its value, protect the building and to prevent the building from deteriorating.

Sometimes high rise cleaning is offered indoors as well to get to hard-to-reach areas such as high ceiling spaces, glass walls and window cladding or pipe work.

High Rise cleaning can be suitable for office buildings, hospitals, universities, shopping malls, Gyms and other businesses that require cleaning at above normal heights. High rise cleaning services are done in accordance with COSH and H&S regulations to protect our team and your staff as well as your customers.

For busy or extremely high footfall venues we can organise the High rise clean out-of-hours for a safe and effective uninterrupted clean. Depending on the setting we may use any of the following:

Suspended platforms

Supported scaffolding


Climbing gear for abseiling

Scissor lifts

Water fed pole systems

For our water fed pole system we use purified water which dries to a full shine. This also avoids using harsh chemicals which may harm the environment and bake into surfaces in hot weather, causing staining as well as accelerating wear and tear.

We love adding a sparkle to your building through our Highrise cleaning services. You can contact us here to request your High Rise cleaning quote.

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