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We take the safety of you, your staff and customers very seriously. For this reason we have cv19 safety measures and procedures in place to protect you and the community.

If your business requires a cv19 risk assessment you can find HSE cv risk assessment templates here 

A thorough and regular cleaning regime is more important than ever. We can provide steam disinfection and chemical disinfection services. If you’re unsure of requirements we’ll work with you to ensure the right cleaning solution is put in place.

Since hand soap and disinfectants are being consumed at a rapid rate you may want to outsource the provision of these chemical through us, so you have a healthy stock on site and your dispensers are regularly refilled.

As an essential service we’ll continue to offer our cleaning services, even during lockdown. Some of our clients have taken the opportunity to take advantage of deep cleans, carpet cleans, window and cladding cleans and high-rise cleans to drastically increase the hygiene standards across the business. This way when business as usual resumes the higher standards can be maintained through our ongoing regular cleaning services. 

You can read more about our full range of commercial cleaning services here.

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LNT Commercial Cleaning Copyright 2020 (All rights reserved) | Design by F9 Marketing