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A Builders Clean is the process of cleaning all throughout a construction or refurbishment project upon completion of the build. Sometimes builders cleaning is requested throughout to reduce clutter and make ongoing work easier to execute. The builders clean ensure the property gets that special finishing that elevates the work done to a show-room standard.
There are different levels to a builders clean depending on requirements. For interim builder cleaning it’s usually more about removing all excess particulars on floors and surfaces. Whilst an end of project clean goes a step further by thoroughly dusting, cleaning all surfaces, doing the windows and fixtures as well as thoroughly hoovering to a perfect finish.
Aside from removing the majority of the dust and powder residue from cement, grout and plaster it also helps remove, where possible, those accidental paint droplets in places where they shouldn’t be such as windows and surfaces.
The builders clean typically involves windows, window frames and sills, walls, fixtures and fittings, all the furniture dusted, whipped and cleaned, lights, vents, doors and ceilings, mopping and vacuum cleaning.
Contact us to get your quote for your Builders Clean. We also offer communal cleans at competitive prices for buildings with managed services.

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