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To ensures high standards of hygiene deep cleans should be scheduled from time to time. The frequency and intensity of a deep clean will depend on many factors such as footfall, daily usage, the type of business you are, legislations and compliance requirements and more.
Deep cleans help prevent microbial contamination, the spread of mould, propagation of diseases as well as pest infestations to name but a few. Deep cleaning will therefore ensure the safety of your staff and customers by providing a higher standard of hygiene and keep your business compliant.
When you organise deep cleaning with the LNT Commercial Cleaning team, all surfaces will be cleaned such as the floor, the walls, the ceilings, the lights, all equipment and fittings. This means behind, below and inside furniture, getting into hard-to-get areas, removing furniture and putting it back afterwards, under rugs, doing skirting boards, windows, blinds, doors, handles using different techniques such as chemical soak, scrubbing, steaming, restoring, limescale removal, decontamination, disinfect, polish, mop, wash to name but a few. In some cases we may use high rise equipment to access all area of the business and remove that pesky dust which sets in high places and is out of reach during standard cleaning.

For the deep cleaning we often use special chemicals, steam cleaning machines, mechanical aids, carpet cleaning equipment a small team to ensure all areas are thoroughly cleansed. We have a colour coded systems to avoid accidental cross-contamination and organise the deep clean using a highly trained coordinated team to execute the project successfully from start to finish.

We can also offer anti-viral fogging using special chemicals approved for NHS use to tackle infections such as cv19, MRSA, listeria, flu viruses and other bacterial, viral and mould originated infections.

Request a free no-obligation quote here. Please note that all new clients receive a thorough deep clean on us worth easily £500 depending on the size of your business.

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LNT Commercial Cleaning Copyright 2020 (All rights reserved) | Design by F9 Marketing