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The end of tenancy cleaning services are aimed at estate agents, private and commercial landlords who require a specialist deep clean of a rental property before the new tenants move in. Sometimes it’s also referred to as deep cleaning or a move out tenancy clean.

Setting a high standard for your new tenants is very important as it not only welcomes them into your property, avoiding rental remorse, it helps them settle comfortably which may improve tenant satisfaction and retention.

By setting a high standard from the outset tenants are much more likely to maintain those same standards throughout their tenure. As part of the service we will defrost and thoroughly clean any fridge-freezer and other white goods that belong to the property.

With an end of tenancy clean the objective is to achieve a sparkle clean and to freshen up the property for that all important first impression. It is therefore best done before organising viewings to reduce voids and get a new suitable tenant in as fast as possible.

We recommend doing a carpet clean as part of the project to avoid getting a musty smell. A thorough move out clean will lengthen the life of your property. We’ll also do a very specialised clean in the bathrooms to remove limescale deposits, grime and staining for visible transformational results.

We love putting a sparkle into your rental property. Contact us today to request your free competitive quote.

Please note that emergency cleaning services are also available for things like water damage, fire damage, vandalism and other insurance jobs.

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