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What is high Pressure Cleaning?

High pressure washing services uses a current of air and water under high pressure using a special pump to produce a jet of water, for performing what is also known as jet washing.

What is High Pressure Washing used for?

Jet washing or high pressure washing is used to remove stubborn dirt and grime from hard surfaces and floors such as stone and tile flooring, drive-ways, parking areas, shower areas, decking, patios, walls, slabs, cladding and panels.

How does the High Pressure cleaning work?

We’ll come out to your premises and require that the area to be cleaned be clear. We’ll need electricity and running water to feed the jet wash. If in winter we’ll ensure it’s done at a time and day suitable so that the water doesn’t freeze over.

High Pressure washing is ideal to remove algae and moss from parking spaces and corridors and improve grip. As it doesn’t use chemicals it’s one of the safest methods for cleaning. Very suitable for cladding, patios, corridors, parking areas, walls, cladding, panel doors, garages, shower rooms, public areas and spaces where you want to protect the environment such as communal gardens and parks.

You can contact us here to organise your high pressure clean.

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