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Benefits of Hard floor Cleaning

Having a hard floor clean improves its beauty by removing stains and soil. Removing grit particulars prevents scratching and excessive wear and tear of the floor. It’s also key in removing allergens, and contaminants. A well maintained clean hard-floor also ensures sanitation and improves traction to protect the community and staff.

What exactly is hard floor Cleaning

Hard floor cleaning services refers to the cleaning of floors made of hard materials such as wood, marble, granite, other stone, tiles, composite resins, vinyl flooring. Each material requires a specialist cleaning method, cleaning products and equipment.

To maintain a clean hard floor it’s vital to have proper dust control mating in all entrances.

The three most common types of hard floors we clean include:

Wooden floor Cleaning

Depending on the type of wood used and whether it’s been waxed, oiled or has been polyurethane coated different cleaning processes and chemicals will be used.

Tile and Stone Cleaning

These are often found in shopping centres, Gyms, offices, corridors, kitchens, bathrooms and spas. We’ll be selecting the mildest possible chemicals to achieve a perfect clean to ensure longevity and proper maintenance and protection of the grouting and stone or tile flooring.

Vinyl Floor Cleaning

This applies to vinyl floors or hard floors using a vinyl composite like a Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT). VCT requires a polymer coating or floor finish to protect it. This type of floor prefers the use of mop and bucket or a non-abrasive floor scrubber.

By carefully cleaning hard floors regularly it helps prevent injuries by reducing trips, slips and falls. Please note that we ensure best cleaning practices to ensure the cleaning process is safe and effective.

Get a quote and let us put a sparkle back into your hard flooring.

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